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  About company - (916) 408-95-03 News Write to us Our address

About company - (916) 408-95-03

About us


On a site of the company " Partner P ", here offer cable-wires production under the comprehensible prices and favourable conditions!

The Company " Partner P ", being the representative of the company " TIH  Parity ", brings to your attention  cable-wires  production. Working with us, you always will find any necessary production for systems FAS, SCI, ССТV, SCN. We hold in the warehouses a constant stock of the nomenclature specified in the price-list:

 Cable-wires  production from the manufacturer!

If at you the unusual order, and is necessary for you a non-standard cable - describe your requirements, and we shall try to offer you a convenient variant. Except for it our company is ready to offer under your application production with the parameters differing from described in price-list:

  • To length bight,
  • To type bight,
  • To color of isolation of veins in a cable,
  • To color of an environment of a cable,
  • To diameter or section of veins in a cable,
  • To constructions of cable,
  • To electric characteristics of a cable

Partner attitudes


Credo of the company

  Priorities in activity of our company are quality of production, and also convenience to the client in work with the company. All Cable-wires production is certificated as within the limits of obligatory and voluntary certification in systems of GOST R  & SovASК, and within the limits of fire safety in FGu VNIIPO the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia Balashikha. We understand business not only as an opportunity effectively to realize the commercial interests, but also an opportunity to generate qualitatively business relations and mutual understanding between partners.   

Our coordinates

Our address:  109387,  Moscow,  street Lyublinskaya,  house 111,  structure  3
Our phone: 
ICQ   464 - 048 - 510   -   Roman,

     ICQ  388 - 981 - 024 - Andrey



About company - (916) 408-95-03 News Write to us Our address