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The company « Partner P » are favourable conditions for clients that proves to be true our quality and the attractive prices. We bear the responsibility before buyers, giving to a guarantee of high quality of production for cable systems of a weak electric current, and conformity to all norms of certification in System of certification of GOST  of R.My not time was won with circumstances as always understood - the consumer should receive that it wants when he wants it and in that form in what he wants it.

We  are ready to offer you - the special order


Already more than two years we carry out orders for special cables of a weak electric current, for this purpose we develop the internal standard of service of similar applications. Our company is ready to consider your  application  of a cable with the parameters differing from described in price-list on:

  • To length bight,
  • To type bight,
  • To color of isolation of veins in a cable,
  • To color of an environment of a cable,
  • To diameter or section of veins in a cable,
  • To quantity(amount) of veins,
  • To electric characteristics of a cable.

Also we are ready to make under your orders the various combined special cables containing elements on the basis of РC50, РC75, LAN-cables of various categories, veins of a feed, various bearing elements, including cables. A cable under your description. Describe to us your requirements to a cable on application, operation, electrotechnical parameters. Certainly, it can be made and on the basis of a cable known to you, having described to it only your additional wishes.  

Your needs are interesting to us!

 You call also receive the qualified help in selection of the cable, the form of payment convenient for you, the help in sending in regions, we shall consider all your wishes!

The company "Partner P"  makes sale of cables for a weak electric current differing from standard, specified in the price-list. You can get all assortment of our production with the significant discount. Concerning the price and presence of a cable with non-standard long in a warehouse: 

(916) 408-95-03

About company - (916) 408-95-03 News Write to us Our address